World of Warranty

World of Warranty are specialists in vehicle warranty cover dedicated to bringing you total peace of mind with complete protection. Get a quote today and you’ll see that protecting your car against the cost and hassle of unexpected failure couldn’t be easier.

World of Warranty offer four Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) Policies, with clearly defined terms and benefits. It’s just part of our commitment to providing a simple solution to your warranty requirements, and allowing you to have an enjoyable motoring experience knowing you have peace of mind should a fault occur.

What parts are covered ?

We have four different policies, covering the mechanical and electrical systems of your car. Combined with other great benefits including:

  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Replacement Car Hire
  • Overnight Accommodation
  • Rail Fares

Each level of cover is different, so you can choose the right cover for you.

How does it work ?

With a World of Warranty Plan you can protect yourself against most expensive garage repair bills. Cars are getting more complicated all the time and when things do go wrong, the cost of putting them right can be a real shock.

  • Call our claims line to report a breakdown
  • Take your vehicle to one of our recommended repair agents
  • The repairer will diagnose the fault and obtain authorisation from World of Warranty to carry out the repair work
  • Pick up your repaired vehicle!